Product data management

Traditionally engineers save CAD models in a shared folder or keep a copy of data on their computer and send it to other team members\suppliers via email. These procedures have a lot of disadvantage. To overcome these disadvantages, Product Data Management systems have come up. Product Data Management helps engineers to collaborate with each other. There are many PDM software in the market. Out of them SOLIDWORKS PDM is one of the easiest to use with very steep learning curve. Its main advantage is that it is tightly integrated with windows explorer.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is the recent offering from SOLIDWORKS. It comes free of cost with SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium. For a team a 2-3 engineers this one increases productivity. Below are some of the features of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

  1. It is also, like SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional ( previously Enterprise PDM ), is tightly integrated with windows explorer                                 pdm_standard_explorer
  2. It is possible to create one workflow with 10 statespdm_standard_workflow
  3. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard has also functionality to create multiple Bill of Materials. This is particularly useful when users want to export different column sets to excel files based on requirement. Our Export BOM to Excel for SOLIDWORKS application comes handy for exporting BOM to excel
  4. It is possible to preview CAD, PDF, office files in windows explorer. SOLIDWORKS CAD files can be previewed even without SOLIDWORKS installedpdm_standard_preview
  5. Automatic notifications can be sent to users, for example on workflow state change
  6. Copy tree is available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. This is one of the most useful functionalities
  7. It is possible to provide revisioning to the documents, for example A,B,C etc

If you are interested in SOLIDWORKS products you can contact us. We are authorized SOLIDWORKS reseller in Hyderabad for Telangana and soon Andhra Pradesh states in India

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