Almost every industry will have requirement to export Bill of Materials from CAD system so that employees other than the designer can see the Bill of Materials. Also the exported bill of materials can be sent to partners outside the company. Keeping these requirements in mind we have developed this export BOM to excel application. This application can be started both from inside SOLIDWORKS as add-in of from outside SOLIDWORKS as an external application. When executed as external application, it can be used with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard folders also

SOLIDWORKS BOM to Excel pic5

It has two licensing options

  1. Standalone
  2. Server based

To open BOM dialog click on “Export BOM to Excel” application. This opens below shown dialog.

SOLIDWORKS BOM to Excel pic6


Options in Export to BOM dialog have been explained below

SOLIDWORKS BOM to Excel pic4

When the dialog is closed, options are saved in registry.

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