For years, companies have survived with a separation between their design and manufacturing departments, both by organization, and by the tools they use. Now, with more competition and a need to output products faster, with greater, more predictable quality and at lower costs, companies need to streamline their design to manufacturing workflows to reduce errors and waste.Taking an integrated approach to get your products from design to manufacturing is one of the simplest ways you can accelerate the product development process. You can easily move from concept design to manufactured parts quickly because your teams can work together concurrently, without having to port data from one system to another.One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers today is time. Whether it’s managing it, losing it, or spending too much of it, time is a constant source of concern. A large percentage of these problems are related to communication.

Design for Manufacturability with SOLIDWORKS:

SOLIDWORKS solutions provide many features for checking manufacturability, as well as the cost of your designs. Learn about the great tools inside SOLIDWORKS, as well as some great partner products and services that can help reduce, or even completely eliminate, problems before going to manufacturing.

  • SOLIDWORKS DFMXpress for automated manufacturability checking–provided with every license of SOLIDWORKS.
  • SOLIDWORKS manufacturability and cost checks, such as SOLIDWORKS Costing.
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM powered by CAMWorks for automated NC toolpath creation and machining simulation.


DFMXpress is an analysis tool that validates the manufacturability of SOLIDWORKS parts. Use DFMXpress to identify design areas that might cause problems in fabrication or increase production costs.



The tool helps designers make decisions based on the cost to manufacture and helps manufacturers create quotes for customers. Whenever you change a design, you can see the new, updated cost immediately, along with a detailed cost breakdown. Additionally, you can generate automatic cost reports.


  • SOLIDWORKS CAM provides many features for standardizing and streamlining your manufacturing process. Learn about the great tools inside SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS CAM that can help reduce, or even completely eliminate, problems before manufacturing your parts.
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM is an add-on to all versions of SOLIDWORKS CAD that lets you prepare your designs for manufacturability earlier in the development cycle. Manufacturing tasks that had to wait until a design was complete can now be performed concurrently with the design process.