Today, most organizations are demanding employees to be productive on first day.

To address this need a bridge the required knowledge gap, P CAD CAM CUSTOMIZATION PVT LTD, Hyderabad have started a unique initiative which help industry professional to understand the industry requirements.

P CAD CAM CUSTOMIZATION Internship Experience

After the 30 Days of course in SolidWorks at P CAD CAM CUSTOMIZATION you will be continuing to Complete 90 hours of service. Interns normally spend roughly 2 hours every day at the internship period for 2 Months at our office. Rather than looking at internships as a short time opportunity, students can use that in a productive way and look to convert it into a full-time job.

Internships offer you skills in a hands-on way, they present real-world situations in the industry relating to their field of study that might not arise in the classroom. You can work with professionals in the field and learn what it’s like to be a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineers learn how to analyze, design and create systems — machines, engines, products and technologies.

If the internship goes well, the company may even offer you a job after graduation. Internships lead to a job offer.

Benefits of Internship

  1. You gain valuable industry knowledge

Every career field operates in a different way and demands a separate set of skills and expertise. Gaining insider knowledge at a firm in your career field will help you realize how to properly prepare yourself for future interviews and for your career. Industry experience will also help you decide whether or not you are in the right field for you.

  1. You can develop your professional skills

University learning can only take you so far. You really only start to sharpen and improve the professional skills related to your career field on the job. As an intern you gain practical and pragmatic experience and learn how to do your job well, rather than simply reading about the theory behind it.

  1. You’ve got something to show a potential employer next time you’re in an interview

Though academic records and job experience as a university tutor will say a lot about your work ethic and capabilities, employers prefer to choose candidates that have some experience that is relevant to the position they are hiring for. An internship gives you the opportunity to take on tasks that will be expected from you at your future job as well, so at your interview you’ll be able to tell the hiring manager, “Yes – I can handle that. I did it at my internship.”

  1. You may be recruited to work full-time

An internship is the chance to prove yourself as a hard-working, intelligent and capable professional. If there is an entry-level position available, as an intern you are definitely in a competitive position to be considered for the spot. In fact, the firm will be more comfortable hiring someone who is familiar with how the company is run – like an intern.

  1. You’ll grow your network of professional contacts

A major advantage of an internship is that you’re able to network and establish relationships with working professionals in your field. Fostering those professional connections can be useful for anything from career advice to a job recommendation. Moreover, developing a circle of friends within your career field can also end up being a good support group for when you’re feeling frustrated in your career.

  1. Gain valuable experience and accomplishments to add to your resume

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