Many people ask the question, what is the price of SOLIDWORKS ? Actually price of SOLIDWORKS is dependent on few things

  1. Are there any offers underway? Sometimes there will be offers. If SOLIDWORKS is bought during that period, it will be cheap.
  2. Reseller. Some resellers give special offers during some period of year. So better check reseller website before contacting any reseller. For example we are a startup company. So we will be willing to give at subsidised price.
  3. Because of SOLIDWORKS policies generally first reseller you contact will be able to give best price. So better decide clearly which reseller you are going with before you contact any reseller.

Because of these things it is possible to fixed price on website for reseller. So generally resellers give price after you contact them on case by case basis. If you contact at right time and right reseller price of SOLIDWORKS can be cheaper than other CAD packages like Autodesk Inventor and SolidEdge.

Few things to check before you buy from a reseller

  1. Is reseller in a position to give support?
  2. Is reseller having good helpdesk system to track queries?

Generally price in India is cheaper when compared to Europe because resellers in India will be able to give more discounts because of cheaper wages.

Currently ( June 2016 ) there is an offer going on. You can find details of offer here

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